west river whiskey

From the grains grown on a 4th-generation family farm all the way to the gold embossed Deadwood logo on the bottle, West River Whiskey Co.’s straight bourbon whiskey is uniquely South Dakota.

While most bourbons contain #2 corn, we have chosen instead to use Indian Corn because it hasn’t been bred down like that of the more common yellow variety. This means that our spirits contain more germ, bran, and other important nutrients that provide a vastly different flavor profile.

Another factor that sets West River Whiskey apart is our apple and cherry wood smoked grains. This gives an already unique flavor even more character. Our bourbon is double pot distilled and aged a minimum of 4 years. We chose Missouri Ozark American White Oak barrels with a #3 char to bring out the caramels and oakiness, while avoiding being over-dramatic.

With every bottle purchased, you are not only supporting our small business but you’re also supporting a local, artisan family farm distiller as well as the historic town of Deadwood. A portion of each bottle sold benefits local business development through the Deadwood Chamber of Commerce.

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*Bourbon Whiskey Produced, Sold, and Sampled By BlackFork Spirits, LLC*